Kansas City Chiefs 2022 2023 Champion Ring Details Introduction Details, Chief 57th Super Bowl Champion Ring Appreciation KC

Kansas City Chiefs 2022 2023 Champion Ring Details Introduction Details, Chief 57th Super Bowl Champion Ring Appreciation  KC

1. The main body of the ring is made of 10K platinum and gold;
2. The red "KC" letter logo is inlaid in gold with 16 Ruby, which represent the 16 division championships won by the team in history (since 1962);
3. The arrow part of the team emblem is adorned with 50 diamonds, symbolizing the 50 years of the Arrow Stadium;
4. There are three Lombardy Cups engraved behind the team emblem, representing three championships;
5. A total of 16 diamonds of the size embedded in 3 trophies, aimed at paying tribute to the 16 different players who scored in the regular season of the 22-23 season;
There are a total of 38 diamonds in a circle around 6.3 trophies, representing the team's score in the 57th Super Bowl;
7. The red words "KC" and the trophy are engraved with the words "WORLD" and "CHAMPIONS" on both sides, emphasizing the champion status of the chieftain;
8. Along the edge of the ring, 54 diamonds are set between two gold lines, symbolizing that the Chiefs have overcome a total of 54 points behind in their past two championship playoffs (10 points behind three times and 24 points behind one time, totaling 54 points).
9. On the left side of the ring is the owner's name, diamond number, 3 championship years, 57th Super Bowl championship date, and exquisite arrow court pattern cast in gold;
10. The right side of the ring is engraved with the words "CHIEFS KINGDOM" in gold to pay tribute to loyal team fans;
The platinum logo of the 57th Super Bowl, with a score of 38-35 and the words "KC" and "PHI", brings beautiful memories of defeating the Hawks and winning the championship.
12.10 diamonds are embedded between the above two parts, symbolizing the team's 10 consecutive seasons with a winning rate of over 50%;
13. One gold football is carved on the palm of the ring, with the word "LH" printed on it, to pay tribute to Lamar Hunt, the founder of the Kansas City Chiefs;
14. Coach Reid's motto "EDGE" is engraved on the top of the ring's interior - never forget your original intention;
15. In the middle is the engraved signature of the ring holder;
16. Below are the opponents and scores for the 22-23 season playoffs;
17. The top of the ring can be moved away, and the internal main body is a miniature golden arrow court;
18. The Lombardy Cup in the center of the stadium varies from 1 to 3 depending on the specific situation of the ring holder;
19. Surrounding the stadium is the famous quote from the founder of the Emirates team, Lamar Hunt: "Arrow Stadium is my favorite place on Earth";
20. On the other side of the ring, there is engraved the year the owner accompanied the chieftain to win the championship, as well as the 50th anniversary commemorative symbol of Arrow Stadium;
21. This side can also be paired with a necklace and used as a pendant.


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