Eastern Conference: Famous Basketball Team

1. Miami Heat: Established in 1988, the team is located in Miami, Florida, which is warm and pleasant all year round. Therefore, "Heat" was selected from numerous team name shortlists, which not only showcases the climate conditions of Miami, but also hopes that the team can have a prosperous and steamy future.
The Art of 2 Names - The Origin of the Names of NBA's 30 Teams
2. Detroit Pistons: When he joined the NBA in 1948, his headquarters was in Ford Wynn, and the owner was in the piston manufacturing industry. "Pistons" became the team's name. In 1957, the team continued to use this name after moving to the Motor City of Detroit.
3. Boston Celtics: In 1946, 11 major ice hockey owners discussed the establishment of a new basketball league, which led to the BAA being born and the Celtics being one of the first 11 teams. Due to the large number of Irish immigrants in Boston, many of whom are Celtics, the team was initially named "The Original Celtics" and later simplified to "The Celtics".
4. Cleveland Cavaliers: Joined the league in 1970, Cleveland voted locally to name the newly formed professional basketball team, resulting in over one-third of the 6000 votes choosing "Cavaliers".
5. Washington Wizards: Joined the NBA in 1961, and when the team's headquarters was still in Baltimore, the team was named the "Bullets" because Baltimore's military industry was very developed. After moving to Washington, the team continued to use the name "Bullets" because it had a violent tendency, and it was not until the 1997-1998 season that it was changed to "Wizards", also known as "Wizards".
6. Orlando Magic: The Magic is one of the new players in the NBA and only joined in 1989. Because Disney World Park is a major leisure and entertainment venue in Orlando, and "Come to the magic" is a favorite phrase among Orlando people, the Magic team is also named after it.
7. Chicago Bulls: Joined the NBA in 1966, and due to Michael Jordan, the Chicago Bulls are definitely the most well-known NBA team in the world. Chicago's livestock industry is very developed, and the city's professional rugby and baseball teams each have teams named after animals, so "Bulls" became the name of the Chicago professional basketball team.
8. Philadelphia 76ers: As an established team in the NBA, at the beginning of its establishment, the Philadelphia 76ers did not place their home stadium in Philadelphia or named them the 76ers. Instead, they gave a very patriotic name - Syracuse Nations. Established in 1937


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