Major League Soccer

Major League Soccer
The Major League Soccer of the United States was established in 1993, and the league began in 1996. The founding team was ten, divided into two major leagues: the East and the West. The participating teams in the first year of the Major League Soccer were:
Eastern League: Columbus crew, Washington DC United, New England Revolution, New York Metropolitan Star and Tampa Bay Rebellion.
Western Conference: Colorado Rapids, Dallas Burning, Kansas City Wizards, Los Angeles Galaxy, and San Jose Earthquake.
In 1998, the league expanded to 12 teams, including Chicago Fire Football Club in the west and Miami United Football Club in the east.
In 2000, the league was divided into eastern, central and western districts. Chicago, Tampa Bay, Dallas and Columbus were moved to the central division.
In 2001, the two Florida teams, Miami United and Tampa Bay Rebellion, were dissolved. The league returned to 10 teams, and the league also returned to the model of east and west regions.
With the arrival of the 2004 season, the league expanded the Royal Salt Lake City Football Club in Salt Lake City, Utah and Chivas Football Club in the United States. Chivas and Los Angeles Galaxy shared a home depot center. The two teams were arranged in the western division, while the Kansas City wizards were moved to the eastern division.
After the 2005 San Jose earthquake, the team relocated to Houston and was later renamed Houston 1836. However, the team has now been renamed Houston Dynamo Football Club.
In 2006, Red Bull acquired the New York Metropolitan Stars and changed the team name to New York Red Bull Football Club.
In 2007, the league expanded Toronto Football Club.
In 2008, San Jose Earthquake Football Club rejoined the Major League.
In 2009, the league expanded the Seattle Bay People Football Club.
In 2010, the league expanded Philadelphia United Football Club.
In 2011, the league expanded again, with the participation of Vancouver White Hat Football Club and Portland Woodcutter Football Club in the lower tier league, and the entire league expanded to 18 teams. Kansas City Wizards has been renamed Kansas City Athletic Football Club.
In the 2012 season, Montreal Impact Football Club also joined the Major League Soccer of the United States as the 18th member.
In 2015, Orlando City Football Club joined the Major League; The Manchester City Football Club of the English Premier League and the New York Yankees, a major professional baseball team, joined the Major League and became the 20th team; Chivas Regal withdrew from the Major League and Kansas City Athletics returned to the Western Conference.
In 2017, Atlanta United Football Club and Minnesota United Football Club joined the Major League and respectively entered the Eastern and Western regions of the league.
The 2017 Major League Soccer Eastern and Western Championship Finals were held at BMO Stadium in Toronto, Canada. Eastern champion Toronto Football Club defeated Western champion Seattle Bayman Football Club 2-0 to win the championship. [4]
In 2018, Los Angeles Football Club joined the Major League Soccer of the United States, becoming the 23rd league team. [5]
In January 2018, Los Angeles Football Club, Tennessee based team Nashville Football Club, and Beckham formed the International Miami Football Club to join the Major League of American Football, expanding the number of Major League teams to 25.
In May 2018, MLS Chief Executive Don Garber officially confirmed that Ohio team Cincinnati Football Club would officially join the Major League in the 2019 season. Meanwhile, Nashville and Miami will start participating in league events in the 2020 season. The total number of league teams will be expanded to 26. [6]
On September 11, 2020, Club Sports officially announced the acquisition of live streaming rights for the 2020 season of the Japanese League, Japanese League B, Korean K League, Australian Super League, American League, Dutch League, Swiss Super League, and Danish Super League. [7]
In June 2022, the transaction for Chiellini to join Major League Soccer Club Los Angeles in the United States has been officially confirmed to be completed


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