The fans rushed into the stadium and were caught hugging Messi. The intruder: a fierce collision of emotions and rules

The fans rushed into the stadium and were caught hugging Messi. The intruder: a fierce collision of emotions and rules
Recently, a man was administratively detained for pursuing a star. Surprisingly, he was not at all regretful but rather overjoyed.
What exactly is going on? Let's take a look together.
The antecedents and consequences of the matter
On the evening of June 15th, a video suddenly became popular. As we all know, it was a friendly match between Argentina and Australia, which was a visual feast for those who love football.
After Messi scored a long-range goal in the game, the fans' love for Messi can be said to have taken it to the next level. After all, he is 35 years old, but still has the same demeanor as before, breaking through several people in a row.
Of course, there is no suspense about Messi's football skills, but what is hot on the fire is not Messi's football skills, but a successful star chasing man. What did this man actually do to make himself successful in getting out of the circle and being envied by people from all walks of life?
In fact, it was in the 61st minute of the game that the man, wearing Messi's jersey, directly rushed into the field and ran over to embrace Messi. When the security personnel around him regained their senses and chased after him, the fan had already embraced Messi and ran away, and during the escape, he even slapped goalkeeper Martin.
After all this, he still didn't leave the field directly. Instead, as he ran towards the Argentine goal, he turned back and came to Messi again to slap him.
What makes people speechless is that for such a long time, no security guard caught him. Later on, how this matter ended may surprise everyone.
Upon closer examination, it cannot be said that the security personnel caught him, but rather that he ran out of strength and collapsed to the ground. So, he was carried out by the security personnel with a posture of "laughing up in the sky". Well, it's like he's currently the biggest winner.
Later, what happened to this man? According to him, he did not receive any punishment from the stadium and was released directly. According to internet rumors, Messi told the stadium organizers not to embarrass the man.
But Tianwang is grand and meticulous. According to police reports, the man has been administratively detained in accordance with the law and ordered not to enter the sports stadium to watch the game for twelve months.
Views of netizens
As things continue to ferment, the discussion among netizens about this matter has become particularly lively.
Some netizens have expressed that it is normal for fans to express admiration for their idols before, and it is understandable that people can do some exciting things when their emotions reach a certain peak. Moreover, this fan is still under age and did not cause any irreparable consequences due to a momentary impulse. This punishment is too severe.
Just give him a verbal education and scare him. It's not enough to stir up the crowd like this. Moreover, fans' foray into the stadium is also part of the fan culture, and there is really no need to go online like this. Moreover, he is so brave for his pursuit, which is too cool!
Some netizens also expressed that this behavior is too uncivilized, why not! Isn't he the only one buying tickets, and is the stadium still playing? Are these hundreds or thousands of people buying tickets not to watch idols watch games, but to watch someone "play around" for personal gain, delaying other people who truly love football from watching games? This quality is also lacking.
Besides, this behavior is not safe either. There are foreigners and locals here, and in this situation, such behavior is too shameful! I'm afraid it's just because I'm a minor and intentionally do this, knowing that I won't be punished multiple times!


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