Where can I buy the NBA championship ring?

Where can I buy the NBA championship ring?

Buy? How could it be impossible to buy it? Why are so many players still fighting for it? There are two kinds of NBA championship ring. 1. The rings with players' names are for the NBA championship ring of those players who played in the finals and have data. 2. No name. Playing for a substitute who has been absent for a long time in the NBA, a player's biggest dream is to wear a championship ring. However, only a small number of players are lucky. Superstars like Charles Barkley and John Stockton have never had such an experience in their brilliant careers. Bill Russell, the center of the Boston Celtics, is currently the player with the most championship rings in the NBA. He has won a total of 11 championships in 13 seasons, which means he has more championship rings than his fingers.

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